Smith Street Band – More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me


Honestly, I have never heard of the Smith Street Band. It’s unfortunate, because despite my lack of knowledge about them, they have given me one of the most shocking albums of the year so far. The album is fully produced by Jeff Rosenstock of Bomb The Music Industry, who brings a punk rock and lo-fi vibe to the record. This really helps each and every song become a raw portrait of vocalist Will Wagner’s life. Speaking of the vocalist, the album sports a thick Australian vibe that shows through on the vocals and instrumentation. The album has a hard-nosed edge to it and is reminiscent of emo punk from the early 2000’s, and while some songs can fall short melodically or are filler, the album overall delivers a nice package of catchy punk that has some brutal and relatable lyrics as well. From the loud opener “Forest” that plays around with Will’s relationships to the power pop anthem “25”, this record could end up being one of my favorite rock records of the year.



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