Ugly God’s The Booty Tape is exactly what I expected. Packed with filler, potential and small dick jokes, it serves as a fun novelty record that while not good, showcases serious talent from a rapper who can go far.


When selected as a XXL Freshman, Ugly God immediately stood out as a witty comedy rapper with strong sense of identity. His freestyle was hilarious and highlighted his golden combo of a strong flow and quotable lines. Until now, other than the XXL feature and a few viral hits, Ugly God never had a platform to attract new listeners and form a fanbase, and unfortunately this new record won’t bring in anyone new.


My main flaw with the mixtape is how much filler is on it and how he treats the songs. Sure, there are a few hits like “Water” and “Fuck Ugly God”, both which we have heard before, but the rest of the songs sound like recycled versions of those flows and ideas, thus making for a boring 24 minutes.


Songs like “I’m A Nasty Hoe” and “I’m Tryna Fuck” are incredibly forgettable, no matter how much he brags about girls and how much he jokes about how small his dick is. Its irritating, because even in songs like “Bitch!” he goes into these pockets where his flow is nice, but he immediately breaks back into his usual schtick in a matter of seconds.


Overall, this mixtape, while under 25 minutes, still managed to bore me and sound like a presentation that Ugly God did not prepare for. Although I still have hope for the young rapper, this one is definitely a dud.