When Travis Scott sang during his opening act of Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN tour across the nation, “Which album homie/I don’t know,” he was doing what we expected from Travis when it comes to a new release. Insane amounts of hype, false release dates, sporadic tweets from random producers discussing the pushback of the album, this has all been seen before. However, when cryptic posts by both Quavo and Travis started to appear on their Twitter, Instagram and posters around cities, fans realized that the wait for this album might finally be coming to its end.


The first thing I did when I saw Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho on Apple Music was to download the entire thing. I knew from the start exactly what this album was going to be, a mixtape of bangers that Travis and Quavo have given us to tide us over for their next releases, and honestly, I wasn’t wrong.


The album is top to bottom heat with little to no meandering or change of pace, and while this can be often boring and repetitive, it can often make listening to this project an experience. With uniform aesthetic and vibe, it can transport the listener to the two superstars’ world full of Wraiths and Ben Baller chains. The same expensive, nocturnal beats that fill every space of the tape are some of the best I’ve heard, but what Quavo and Travis do on top of these beats is where the album starts to lack. Take “Go”, which is my least favorite off the project. The repetitive hook sounds more annoying than catchy and the verses restate what’s already been said on the project.


Though there are weak spots throughout the record, there are moments that rank up there with both artists best work. The three song streak of “How U Feel”, “Where U From” and “Best Man” is truly admirable and showcases much needed experimentation among the tracklist. “How U Feel” features an amazing sample that was also used by Mac Demarco back in 2012 and “Where U From” utilizes Travis’ “Nightcrawler” flow and has one of the most memorable hooks on the record. “Best Man”, on the other hand, is a complete change of pace and sounds like Huncho Jack’s take on the sound Young Thug was tackling on Beautiful Thugger Girls. Fusing those R&B sounds, rap verses and ethereal synths makes for a serious highlight.


Ultimately, Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho delivered on the goods, but still lacks a lot. It lacks the usual affair of tripiness that is always apparent in Travis’ music and while there are great hooks, there should’ve been more gold considering Quavo’s catchy features spanning the past year. Still, the record is good enough and will be in rotation until Astroworld arrives.