Pusha T returns.


After 3 years of relative silence, Pusha T makes a brief comeback that speaks volumes. Shortly before dropping Darkest Before Dawn, Push revealed that the album was in fact a prelude to his “real” new studio album, King Push. Now, we have Daytona, which he states is King Push with a new title and top to bottom production from Kanye West.


Now, for three years, one would expect a sprawling return that plays like a feature-length film. However, what Pusha T has delivered is a 7 track record, under 25 minutes. Although disappointed in the duration, I went into the album with expectations of a punchy, hungry Pusha T rapping over great beats. My expectations were surpassed tenfold.


Everything about this record is perfect save for the length. Push’s coke raps and sharpened to its finest point and his flows come out like a mafia boss who comes out of retirement to make one last deal. Confident, cocky, and witty, the bars on this record are what rappers would sacrifice their soul for.


Don’t even get me started on the beats. Kanye returns to chopping deep soul cuts to make some of the best batch of beats I’ve heard. From the insanely catchy and bouncy “If You Know You Know” to the hypnotic and vintage “The Games We Play”, each song takes the listener through the mindset of a coke drug lord.


Making the album airtight resulted in easily Pusha-T’s best work and my one of my favorite albums of the year, but I really want more from him.


We can’t forget some of the highlights here, like Kanye’s insane feature on “What Would Meek Do?” which features Ye screaming “Scoop” and “Whoop” before going into how MAGA hats are letting him slide with the police. Push also has, per usual, an incredible verse, saying “Pop a wheelie, tell the judge to Akinyele/Middle fingers out the Ghost, screamin’ ‘Makaveli’”, one of the hardest bars I’ve heard this decade.


Push, with this album, proves that he is one the greatest rappers to ever do it. Although furiously short, I will be playing this record non-stop for a long time.