This new Post Malone album is hits. Hits on hits on hits.


Yea, sure. There’s no lyricism whatsoever, with lyrics like “She got beautiful boobies” being thrown into otherwise great songs like “Spoil My Night”, which has an amazing Swae Lee feature and hook.


However, although there are major flaws that still carry over from Posty’s terrible debut Stoney, this new record is an improvement on all fronts. Post really honed in his songwriting skills to make some of the catchiest songs of his career.


The beats here are ethereal and feel like I’m lucid dreaming, with flying synths and heavy reverb being contrasted with heavy, rolling sub-bass and compressed hi hats on almost song here save for “Stay”, an acoustic ballad that might be one his best songs to date. Post balances the fine line between emotional and catchy without being corny on this track and many others as well.


There’s not much to say on the specifics of the collection of tracks, because they all carry the same formula. In fact, they all hover at around the 3:40 mark, proving that Post has been paying attention to what makes his hits become hits. Songs are crafted around the same skeleton here, which can get annoying at times, but it’s hard to deny Post’s combine of pop songs here.


Overall, while it didn’t surpass my expectations based off the fantastic singles “Psycho” and the mega-hit “Rockstar”, Post has made his best project yet with massive pop appeal and sets the stage for him to do something even greater.