The second record in Kanye West’s insane GOOD Music album rollout, ye shows a more humble and personal Kanye than we have ever seen before.


Retreating to Wyoming to create 5 separate albums, two of which are his own, Kanye has returned to the mainstream spotlight with his most intentionally obscure releases yet. Daytona, easily of the best albums of the year and possibly one the best rap releases this decade, featured Kanye behind the boards while Pusha rapped his way back into public eye. Rapping over Kanye’s best beats in years, it showed major promise for the newest leg in Kanye’s long career.


Now, after a star-studded livestream broadcasting the albums premiere, ye has arrived.


“I Thought About Killing You” is one of the most important songs in Ye’s entire discography. After a couple of seconds of beautiful autotuned crooning and breathy synth tones, Kanye divulges into his mental state, explaining that “the most beautiful thoughts are always besides the darkest”. He seems extremely fragile and sensitive on this song, making Kanye seem human than ever.


The album can best be described by Tremaine Emory, a close-friend of Kanye’s, as “real time”. The record is almost stream of consciousness – real, human emotions feel tangible through Kanye’s music, and there can’t be a better example of this than tracks like “No Mistakes” and of course, “Ghost Town”. “No Mistakes” features an amazing and grand piano sample from a song titled “Children Get Together”, with vocals from Charlie Wilson that sound like beams of light shining through a dark surface. The love on this song is real, featuring a Kanye spreading his positivity looking back at what he’s gone through mentally over the past two years.


“Ghost Town” serves as the link between the ye record and the follow-up collaboration between Kanye and Kid Cudi, Kids See Ghosts. Easily my favorite song of the bunch, this stands out as one of the most passionate and heartfelt songs in Kanye West’s entire discography. Cudi belts on this song while Ye brings some of his best singing in a while. The song finishes with a fiery performance from young talent 070 Shake, who chants “I put my hand on the stove to see if I still bleed/And nothing hurts anymore I feel kinda free”. It sounds like an epic, coming straight out of the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy playbook.


More highlights on here include “Yikes”, one of Kanye’s funniest songs that has an insanely catchy hook and beat, as does “All Mine”, which features the spectacular Valee and Ty Dolla Sign on the hook. “All Mine” sounds exactly how Kanye would approach a club track in 2018, and I love it.


Overall, I love ye. While not touching Daytona lyrically, it allows the listener to peek into Kanye West’s life like never before. Rather than talking about political issues or stuff that he has, he talks about himself. Real problems that he has had to face that make him seem like an actual person rather than, well, Kanye. An insanely good record from an artist who just can’t stop.