Armed with his creased Jordan’s, Justin Timberlake made his return to the spotlight during Super Bowl LII. Playing his new single “Filthy” and other hits from the 2000’s, me and millions of other Americans sat wondering why this man was still famous.

This album is not good. I’m not going to make this review too drawn out or explanatory because I don’t want to spend time ranting about the current pop music landscape and also because I’m lazy and don’t have time for that shit.

Despite production from the legendary Neptunes, their trademark aesthetic of bouncing bass and hip hop drums clashes poorly with Timberlake’s idea of a country album. The only redeeming songs on here are the ones that have a concept and stick with it, like “Filthy”, which was a perfectly fine lead single that didn’t necessarily tease the theme of the album.

In conclusion, Man Of The Woods is an incredibly forgettable record that despite its colorful album art, presents one of the most boring listens of the year, especially considering its hour run time. Listen to it at your own risk, or if you adore aging pop stars.