Riding off the coattails of his hottest newest singles, Drake releases another decent project to his ever growing discography.


After a run of wins and losses and constant news coverage, its safe to say the world’s eyes are almost always on Drake. Wildly popular guest features, embarrassing revelations after a brilliant diss track from Pusha T, and a rumoured baby have all amalgamated into this dense, 25 track record.


The first half of the project is the “rap” side of Drake, featuring 12 songs of mostly bars. I definitely prefer this side of the album to the moodier, R&B focused second half. I think the overall quality is just better in Side A. Songs like “Nonstop” and “Mob Ties” are awesome trap bangers with a classic Drake twist to them, channeling other rapper’s flow in the best way possible. “Sandra’s Rose” and “8 Out Of 10” have amazing soul fused beats that Drake flows over perfectly, detailing his relationship with his mother and his ever present eyes on the rap game.


“Gods Plan” is a weird choice for the first side, and I even think that his other smash hit “Nice For What” would’ve fit better here than on Side B.


Speaking of Side B, I think it could’ve used some serious editing. While there are some incredible moments like Future on “Blue Tint”, the destined number #1 song “In My Feelings”, and the disgustingly smooth “After Dark”, there are too many spotty moments as well. I can’t get into tracks like “Ratchet Happy Birthday” and “Summer Games”, although I do enjoy how the instrumentation opens up in the second half of the the ladder. The former has a great idea, but the groove collides hideously with Drakes off key Autotune crooning.


Despite its feature length run time, the second half of Side B does pick up the record making for a pretty solid ending. “That’s How You Feel” and “Don’t Matter To Me” showcase quintessential Drake in a slower format, and it’s great. When he does moody Pop well, it’s hard for him to fail.


Overall, Scorpion doesn’t do much for Drake’s career besides being another record with hits. Sure, he finally announced his baby. But without any change of pace or new musical statement from Drake, his career will be stagnant from here on out.