It’s hard to deny that Brockhampton, whether you love them or hate them, have had one of the best years a group could ask for. Their meteoric rise to stardom off the back of the first two projects from their Saturation trilogy put them at the forefront of new rap collectives and made them “America’s favorite boy band”. However, how the group would officially conclude this vital era in their career was up in the air, especially after they released the hypnotic chaotic “Boogie”. Armed with loud, abrasive yet weirdly funky horns, each Brockhampton member spazzes on each verse, making an equal parts party song and equal parts a taste of what’s to come on the forthcoming record. Just as Brockhampton teased, Saturation III is a bombastic take on new-age hip-hop and cements the group in history by defying the odds and being the third in a streak of instant classics released in the span of a half of a year.


I don’t know what to state here that I haven’t stated in early reviews for Brockhampton. The beats are gorgeous, produced with extra attention and more detail than the other trap anthems crowding the radio. Q3 and Romil have crafted their darkest and highest BPM instrumentals yet, with weirder sounds than ever, especially on tracks like “Zipper”, which sounds straight out of a carnival.


The lyrics are more extreme than ever, with the most introspective verses coming out of the group landing on the this project. If you thought that you knew the group and each member’s story, think again. Details that they reveal about themselves on this project are incredibly personal and eye opening, with the track “Sister/Nation” being a perfect example.


I can go on gushing about the catchiness of the hooks, the perfectly fitting flows, and the impeccable song transitions for hours, but why would I. Go on my other Brockhampton reviews for that. You know how good this album is, and don’t need me to validate your opinion of it.


In conclusion, this album is fucking amazing and is the embodiment of a perfect ending to an era. With “Team”, the best Bearface ballad to date, ending where “Heat” starts, Brockhampton puts the cherry on top of the greatest sundae in rap this decade. Thank you Brockhampton for this insane and confusing ride that won’t be forgotten for years, and sorry the review was late.