BROCKHAMPTON, in a mere 3 months, have delivered another Album of The Year contender. Saturation II not only exceeds its predecessor with tighter songs and tracklisting, it also features some of the best music to be released this year.


Looking through all the singles the group has released this summer, one could maybe get bored or tired of them, even feeling like the collective is spoiling their best material. While this would most definitely be the case for 98% of bands out there, Brockhampton is different.


Their mix of R&B, Hip-Hop and straight up Pop Rock is a winner in every sense of the word, and the groups chemistry is better than ever. Excellent singles like Gummy and Swamp are matched with beautiful deep cuts like Teeth and Fight, which both help the listener learn more about each of the members and their hardships.


To keep it short, Brockhampton has done it again. Almost every song besides Gamba, which features an unfortunate use of autotune in the beginning, delivers and adds more heat to their already prolific catalog. Let’s get pumped for Saturation III.