Beach Fossils have finally returned after four years with a new album called Somersault. After their great record Clash The Truth in 2013 that sported their usual indie rock and lo-fi vibe, incorporated some interesting elements of post punk as well. So, after a long break, I of course was anticipating this new record. Just in time for summer, I can say safely that Beach Fossils delivered on what I expected of them.


The album opens with “This Year” which features jangly guitars and a driving bassline. The darkness is now completely absent from the mix compared to the last record, with a happier and lighter approach to songwriting. The song plays out like an average indie song with a soft hook, nice acoustics and harmonized vocals, but because it’s Beach Fossils, they have to differentiate themselves. Strings swell the recording half way through, bringing a whole new element to the reverb soaked track. Same goes for most of the songs on the album, where strings create a lavish and grand sound without sounding pretentious or self important.


What I loved about this album was the variety that Beach Fossils have finally reached, whether its the “Rise” interlude with Cities Aviv, that features a performance straight out Blood Orange’s Freetown Sound record last year, to the astonishing beautiful “Closer Everywhere”, that features string and piano based psych-pop reminiscent of the Zombies or even the Beatles. I’m really enjoying this album and will for sure be playing this summer, and recommend it to anyone who likes their indie rock with a shoegazey and dreamy edge while having some great songwriting and hooks.