The new Ariel Pink album is nothing new whatsoever, and that’s ok. The latest LP from psych-pop mastermind Ariel Pink filters the sounds of the 60’s through a dusty, lo-fi lens that might not be for everyone, but it is undeniably great.


The songwriting here is as good as ever, with Ariel looking back to his days in Haunted Graffiti for inspiration, with cuts like “Time To Meet Your God” and “Bubblegum Dreams” showcasing the weird 80’s horror themes that always land well.


A new-found love for Dream-Pop is amazingly illustrated in “Feels Like Heaven,” which is one of the most luring and ethereal cuts on the record while retaining the catchiness through a strong hook. Speaking of hooks, the pop sensibility on this album is incredible considering how left field most of the songs are. Songs like the title track and “Another Weekend” feature some of the catchiest melodies I’ve heard this year paired with some of the weirdest instrumentation that will stray some listeners away.


Overall, this album is like a sonic circus ride. The fans of Ariel will adore this album and new listeners will either fall instantly in love or outright hate it on first listen. The sound effects and passageways Ariel takes the listener through is truly psychedelic, euphoric, and downright beautiful. Easily one of my favorites of the year.