ASAP Mob’s new tape is exactly what I was anticipating it to be. Whimsical, fun, and most of all, cozy. The 17 tracks play out like a crazy trip out of school with your closest friends. Personally, I love this album, but I would never back it up if someone said they hated it.


What I love about this record is the relaxed vibe that infects each and every song. The combination of laid-back flows from Rocky, Ferg, Ant, Twelvvy, and Nast with airy, ethereal beats is a winner. I also think this project is way more consistent than the first volume, which additionally included way too many skits. Speaking of which, the skits here, when there are any, are hilarious and add to the project in a great way. The choice of John C. Reilly as Principal Daryl Choad is a stroke of genius, and further proves that the ASAP Mob does not want to be taken too seriously.


Sure, this album is not perfect in any way, but there are some absolute bangers that are necessary for any current rap fan to hear. The run of tracks from “Perry Aye” to “Walk on Water” are all excellent party songs that shouldn’t be delved too far into and should be enjoyed at their surface level. These tracks clearly weren’t trying to impress anyone with genius lyricist or flow, ASAP Mob makes tracks that they personally fuck with and they don’t really care about what others think, and I love that.